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According to Clémence agency: Agence Simpson, she has been added to a new project called ‘Tito Il Piccolo‘ where she will portray Stella. This movie will be directed by Paola Randi!

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As one of my favourite Clémence Poésy projects, I added screencaps of Mr Morgan’s Last Love with Michael Cane, Jane Alexander, Gillian Anderson and Justin Kirk.

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Movie Projects > Mr Morgan’s Last Love > Screencaps

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TV Projects > The Tunnel > Season 2 > Random Screencaps > Extra: Rediscovering Karl & Elise

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After a successful first run, The Tunnel is back with an original story for the second series. The show’s stars, and writer Ben Richards, tell Keeley Bolger about the new plots, social awkwardness and how a Brexit might affect the future of co-productions

Ben Richards is exasperated at the criticism levelled at his drama The Tunnel, which is a remake of Swedish show The Bridge.

“I was sent season one of The Bridge by a producer, who said, ‘This is an amazing Scandinavian show, no one’s going to watch it, let’s do a remake of it’,” explains the TV writer, also known for his work on Spooks.

“This is why I get p***ed off when people go, ‘Why did they do a remake of a hugely successful Scandinavian import?’ Well, it wasn’t a hugely successful Scandinavian import at the time.

“Pretty much like with Homeland and the Israeli show [it was based on]. Nobody had heard of it before they did the remake.”

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We have three different posters of ‘The Ones Below’!

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Movie Projects > The Ones Below > Posters

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Photoshoots > 2016 > 0010 for Telegraph UK

When Clémence Poésy arrives at the east London café where we’re due to meet, I expect all heads to turn. I imagine it will play out along the lines of the scene in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire where her character, Fleur Delacour, arrives at Hogwarts from the Beauxbatons Academy of Magic to compete in the Triwizard Tournament.

Delacour drifts in wearing the elegant grey satin uniform of the visiting school; her beguiling presence attracts everyone’s attention and prompts Ron Weasley to whisper: ‘Bloody hell.’

And yet – despite her being an exceptionally beautiful and discerningly stylish woman – no one here even raises an eyebrow. Clémence sits down unnoticed. She is dressed in a full-length black leather skirt, biker boots and a navy mohair jumper. Her look is topped with a caramel beanie hat. She seems wholly aware of her style-icon status and says she is ‘flattered’ by the attention she gets in magazines. But she does find it amusing.
I might get into costume design and I have always loved fashion,’ she says. ‘I am aware of how much of a privilege it is that I get the opportunity to meet designers. Maybe there is a sense of my appreciation and joy that comes through.’

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Actress Clémence Poésy is the epitome of everything we Brits think of as French: classically, effortlessly chic and with that impossible-to-replicate aura of ‘cool’ about her. She’s a familiar and much-loved face in Britain, after her international breakthrough role in a little-known franchise called Harry Potter. She played Fleur Delacour, initially one of Harry’s competitors in an inter-school magic tournament and his later kick-ass sister-in-law.

As well as Potter, Poésy has starred alongside Colin Farrell and Potter co-star Brendan Gleeson as the Belgian criminal Chloë Villette in acclaimed 2008 dark comedy In Bruges. She also portrayed Rana, the lover of adventurer Aron Ralston (played by James Franco) in the six-time Oscar nominated 127 Hours in 2010.

Her part in Sky Atlantic’s 2013 hit The Tunnel (an Anglo-French remake of The Bridge) saw her heralded by critics for her performance as Elise Wasserman, the no-nonsense, eccentric partner to Stephen Dillane’s everyman Karl Roebuck. We sat down with Poésy at a recent press day in London to discuss the new series of The Tunnel over breakfast.

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To celebrate the opening I’ve added screencaps from The Tunnel Season 2: Episode 1!

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TV Projects > The Tunnel > Season 2 > Episode Screencaps > Episode 1


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Hello everyone! We finally made a wordpress part for our lovely Clémence Poésy Gallery! You may know us from being the previous owners of the first and only most updated source for everything Clemence Poesy. We are now back! Follow us here on the main site / gallery or on our twitter here.

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