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Dec 20, 17   Comments Off on Torino Film Festival 35 – Multiple Videos including clips from ‘Tito Il Piccolo’ Interview, Tito Il Piccolo, Video

Torino Film Festival 35 ‘Tito Il Piccolo’ Scenes

Sep 25, 17   Comments Off on (2016) Tito Il Piccolo > Production Stills Gallery, Tito Il Piccolo

Movie Projects > (2016) Tito Il Piccolo > Production Stills

Aug 01, 16   Comments Off on First production stills from ‘7 Minuti’ and ‘Tito Il Piccolo’ 7 Minutes, Gallery, Tito Il Piccolo

Added a few more photos over to the gallery! Including the two first official pictures from ‘7 Minuti’ and ‘Tito Il Piccolo‘:    Appearances > 2016 > June 30, 2016 – SoFilm Summer Camp Movie Projects > 7 Minuti > Production Stills Movie Projects > Tito Il Piccolo > Production Stills

Apr 28, 16   0 Comment Interview, Tito Il Piccolo

Seems like ‘Tito Il Piccolo’, Clémence’s new project is filming in Spain! The director made a interview (in spanish) as they were filming in  Almería, Spain. Sadly, there’s no footage with Clémence Poésy but she is confirmed by the journalist that she is one of the protagonists as well as Valerio Mastandrea.

Apr 14, 16   0 Comment Tito Il Piccolo

According to Clémence agency: Agence Simpson, she has been added to a new project called ‘Tito Il Piccolo‘ where she will portray Stella. This movie will be directed by Paola Randi!