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May 08, 18   Comments Off on [GALLERY] ‘Genius: Picasso’ Malaga Premiere + Chanel Cruise Gallery, News

Thank you to our dear friend Sarah and James for some of the pictures we are currently adding to our gallery! Enjoy the March event, for the Genius: Picasso premiere in Malaga (Spain) and the latest Chanel Cruise event:     Appearances > 2018 > 22.03.2018 ‘Genius: Picasso’ Malaga Premiere     Appearances > 2018 > 03.05 Chanel Cruise 2018/2019 Collection

May 07, 18   Comments Off on [GALLERY] National Geographic’s and Sotheby’s Lunch for ‘Genius: Picasso’ Gallery, Interview, Video

Clémence attended on the 20th of April a new event for National Geographic’s ‘Genius: Picasso’ Premiere where she was interviewed among her costars of the show. You can watch one full interview here.     Appearances > 2018 > 20.04.2018 National Geographic’s and Sotheby’s Lunch for ‘Genius: Picasso’     Photoshoots > 2018 > 002 for Tribeca Film Festival

May 02, 18   Comments Off on The Tunnel – Season 3 Screencaps Gallery, The Tunnel

Sorry for being soooo late, but, to keep everything up-to-date I have chosen to add The Tunnel Season 3 screencaps before adding Genius: Picasso Screencaps to our gallery. So sad to see the end of it, my honest opinion is that there won’t be a S4 but let’s see what is Sky’s choice. Enjoy all episodes screencaps from […]

Apr 26, 18   Comments Off on «Genius» Promotional Videos and Pictures Gallery, Genius, Video

To finish off today, we added Genius videos, caps and pictures. We will upload episode 1 screencaps soon! Video Promos here, here and here.           TV Projects > Genius

Apr 26, 18   Comments Off on 20.04.2018 NY: 2018 Tribeca Film Festival – “Genius: Picasso” Gallery, Genius, Interview, Video

I’m so sorry for the lack of updates everyone, but we are here to stay and will bring you a few new posts today! Clémence wore Miu Miu to the Tribeca premiere of Genius, and we bring you brand new pictures thank you to our friend James!     Appearances > 2018 > 20.04.2018 NY: 2018 Tribeca Film Festival – “Genius: […]

Mar 22, 18   Comments Off on The Tunnel: Season 3 Production Stills & Promotional Picture Gallery, The Tunnel

Hi everyone. I know I am SUPER behind on adding screencaps from The Tunnel, but the truth is not only I haven’t had much time but the quality available is very low and i’m trying to find the best quality for Elise’s fans! For now, enjoy production stills from The Tunnel S3:     TV Projects > The Tunnel > Season 3 > Production Stills TV […]

Feb 08, 18   Comments Off on Cannes 2018: Clemence joins Adami Talents Gallery, News

Clémence alongside 4 more actors will make their first steps as directors for the Adami Cannes 2018 Talents, which are celebrating 25 years. The event will take place in Cannes in May. Photoshoots > 2018 > 001 for Cannes

Jan 29, 18   Comments Off on ‘Genius’ Production Stills Gallery, Genius

We finally have a good sneak peak onto ‘Genius’ with brand new episode stills from it donated by our friend James: TV Projects > Genius > Production Stills

Jan 24, 18   Comments Off on 13.01 2018 Winter TCA Tour Day 10 Gallery, Genius

Clémence made a short video appearance on Winter TCA for National Geographic‘s ‘Genius‘: Appearances > 2018 > 13.01 2018 Winter TCA Tour Day 10

Jan 15, 18   Comments Off on ‘Genius’ First Look Gallery, Genius, Video

We have the first look on Picasso which premieres soon, April 24th, on National Geographic: TV Projects > Genius > Trailer #1