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Now that ‘The Ones Below’ was released we now have the screencaps available on the gallery:

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Movie Projects > (2015) The Ones Below > Screencaps

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Since Clémence is very low on news, due to we not knowing if she has given birth already, I went through the projects list and will update our gallery categories through this low season. First off: Jeanne Captive screencaps:

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Movie Projects > (2011) Jeanne Captive > Screencaps

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Photoshoots > 2014 > 0012 for Chloe

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Movie Projects > (2016) Demain Tout Commence > Trailer #1

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Added 4 new production stills from the movie ‘Demain Tout Commence‘! Enjoy:

002.jpg 003.jpg 004.jpg 005.jpg 002~117.jpg

Movie Projects > (2016) Demain Tout Commence > Production Stills

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The first trailer for the italian movie ‘7 Minuti’ is now available ! Also, the first production stills and poster have been added to the gallery. Guess what! Clémence speaks italian and plays ‘Hira‘.

Be welcome to see their official pages Facebook and Main Site pages.

0_019.jpg 0_054.jpg 0_094.jpg 0_096.jpg 0_179.jpg

Movie Projects > (2016) 7 Minuti > Trailer #1

002.png 005.png 003.jpg  

Movie Projects > (2016) 7 Minuti > Production Stills

Movie Projects > (2016) 7 Minuti > Behind The Scenes

Movie Projects > (2016) 7 Minuti > Posters

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« A bout portés » est le premier film de Clémence Poésy en tant que réalisatrice.

Ça se fabrique (comment) la grâce?
Au départ, enfin juste après l’émerveillement de toujours, et l’émotion face à la perfection d’un ballet, il y a cette question – ou plutôt il y a l’envie, profonde, d’aller chercher, de regarder, de comprendre, peut-être, un peu de ce secret s’il existe.

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Happy Birthday to our lovely girl Clemence Poesy <3

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The first screening of ‘2+1’ was over in Paris at the Mars Film Convention. The movie will premiere worldwide on December 06:

001~169.jpg 002~119.jpg

Appearances > 2016 > August 05, 2016 – Mars Film Convention

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