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Hey guys! Today we look back to ‘War and Peace’ and most recent, ‘The Tunnel’ which Season 2 is now on Sky Atlantic.

You may remember seeing Clémence Poésy as Natasha on BBC’s ‘War and Peace’, after her role in this mini-series many other mini-series have been produced.

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TV Projects > War and Peace

The Tunnel stars Elise and Karl, played by Clemence Poesy and Stephen Dillane.The Tunnel S1 premiered last year and this year we can now see S2 ‘The Tunnel: Sabotage’. Clemence’s character Elise Wasserman has Asperger’s syndrome and it’s the first time Clemence plays someone with a disease.

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TV Projects > The Tunnel > Season 1

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TV Projects > The Tunnel > Season 2



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