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Today we will look back to part of Clemence Poesy tv career with: Gossip Girl, Les Monos and Revelations:

You may remember Clemence Poesy character Eva Copeau being the love interess of Chuck Bass on Gossip Girl while his character was in Paris for a few days. We see Eva as lovely girl, so kind and perfect, that sadly, doesn’t have a happy ending with Chuck.

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TV Projects > Gossip Girl

Les Monos was the second tv serie Clemence was part of, 16 years ago! That’s right, it premiered in 2000 with a very your Clemence Poesy playing Julia, in only one episode.

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TV Projects > Les Monos

In 2005, 10 years ago, Clemence Poesy made her first bad girl role with E.C., on ‘Revelations’ playing in 3 episodes. We’re currently missing one episode on the gallery, sadly we didn’t manage to find it.


TV Projects > Revelations


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