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You can listed to ‘The Guilty Feminist’ episode Clémence was on here. Thankfully is in english 🙂

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Added a few pictures to ‘The Guilt Feminist‘ event from the 13th!

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Appearances > 2017 > March 13: The Guilty Feminist

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Clémence made a few interviews (in french) about ‘The Ones Below‘ which has switch their title to ‘London House‘ for the french promotion:

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What was it that thrilled and seduced you in the script?

The relationship of this father with his daughter, built around humor and tenderness. I also liked COMME DES FRÈRES, Hugo Gélin’s previous film, which combined moments of authentic comedy with moments of great sensitivity.

How to explain Kristin’s behavior? Although the film does not need, did you need to understand why she acts as she does?

Yes, I tried to define on my part why, in my opinion, this behavior was inevitable and the ball was growing until it ends up leaving.

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Added screencaps of Clémence’s character on 7 Minuti ! And yes, she speaks italian 😉

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Movie Projects > (2016) 7 Minuti > BluRay Screencaps

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Appearances > 2017 > March 13: The Guilty Feminist

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Even though ‘White City’ hasn’t been picked up by any network, the first glance of Clémence on the unreleased tv pilot has been released:

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TV Projects > White City > Production Stills

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In addition to the previous events, Clemence attended Christian Dior in Paris Fashion Week yesterday:

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Appearances > 2017 > March 03:Christian Dior : Front Row – Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Fall/Winter

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Clemence appeared on Paris Fashion Week on March 01 and today (March 02) for Chloe and H&M !

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Appearances > 2017 > March 02: Chloe : Front Row – Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Fall/Winter

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Appearances > 2017 > March 01: H&M Studio : Front Row – Paris Fashion Week

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On the past 20th of this month, Clemence graced the London Fashion Week on a Erdem show! See a few pictures from the event on our gallery:

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Appearances > 2017 > February 20: ERDEM – Front Row – LFW February 2017

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