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May 12, 16   0 Comment Gallery, The Tunnel

Has everyone watched The Tunnel yet? We have two more episodes screencaps over the gallery. I must say Clémence’s performance on episode 4 is AMAZING. TV Projects > The Tunnel > Season 2 > Episode Screencaps > Episode 4 TV Projects > The Tunnel > Season 2 > Episode Screencaps > Episode 5

May 07, 16   0 Comment Gallery

Lets remind some Clemence movies! This was a based on a true story movie and Clemence did only a small part of it, yet very important! The main character was played by James Franco. 127 Hours As one of the first movies Clemence did, still in french, she played a quiet girl who then surprised […]

Apr 27, 16   0 Comment Gallery, Le Grand Jeu

Added «Le Grand Jeu» Screencaps to the gallery! The DVD/ BluRay was out on April 19th.    Movie Projects > Le Grand Jeu > Screencaps

Apr 27, 16   0 Comment Gallery, The Tunnel

Hey guys! Today we look back to ‘War and Peace’ and most recent, ‘The Tunnel’ which Season 2 is now on Sky Atlantic. You may remember seeing Clémence Poésy as Natasha on BBC’s ‘War and Peace’, after her role in this mini-series many other mini-series have been produced. TV Projects > War and Peace The […]

Apr 21, 16   0 Comment Gallery

Today we will look back to part of Clemence Poesy tv career with: Gossip Girl, Les Monos and Revelations: You may remember Clemence Poesy character Eva Copeau being the love interess of Chuck Bass on Gossip Girl while his character was in Paris for a few days. We see Eva as lovely girl, so kind […]

Apr 20, 16   0 Comment Gallery

Since there isn’t many news on Clémence Poésy at the moment, I will show you what we have on the gallery once a day, today is Birdsong (except weekends): A project made back in 2012, ‘Birdsong’, was produced and available through BBC. Clémence played Isabelle and Eddie Redmayne played Stephen. For now, we’re missing episode […]

Apr 20, 16   0 Comment Gallery

We now have over 500 scans of Clemence Poesy on our gallery! Still missing some I don’t have the info of but will add as soon as I know their info 🙂   Press

Apr 18, 16   0 Comment Gallery

Added 3 new outtakes from two 2015 photoshoots: Photoshoots > 2015 > 0005 for Toronto International Film Festival Photoshoots > 2014 > 0009 for Locarno Film Festival

Apr 14, 16   0 Comment Gallery

As one of my favourite Clémence Poésy projects, I added screencaps of Mr Morgan’s Last Love with Michael Cane, Jane Alexander, Gillian Anderson and Justin Kirk.   Movie Projects > Mr Morgan’s Last Love > Screencaps

Apr 12, 16   0 Comment Gallery, Interview, The Tunnel, Video

      TV Projects > The Tunnel > Season 2 > Random Screencaps > Extra: Rediscovering Karl & Elise