Welcome to Clémence Poésy Fan! This is your best source for French actress Clémence Poésy. Clémence is mostly known for her role as Fleur Delacour in the Harry Potter movies, but you may also recognize her from Gossip Girl, or 2004 BBC adaptation of Gunpowder, Treason and Plot. More recently you can see Clémence as Elise on Sky's The Tunnel or the french movie Demain Tout Commence, but expect her on many more new projects including Genius on National Geographic. Be sure to follow our site and twitter for more updates!
Ana / March 24th, 2017   Demain Tout Commence,Interview

What was it that thrilled and seduced you in the script?

The relationship of this father with his daughter, built around humor and tenderness. I also liked COMME DES FRÈRES, Hugo Gélin’s previous film, which combined moments of authentic comedy with moments of great sensitivity.

How to explain Kristin’s behavior? Although the film does not need, did you need to understand why she acts as she does?

Yes, I tried to define on my part why, in my opinion, this behavior was inevitable and the ball was growing until it ends up leaving.

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Ana / December 15th, 2016   Demain Tout Commence,Gallery


Movie Projects > (2016) Demain Tout Commence > Production Stills

Ana / December 12th, 2016   Demain Tout Commence,Gallery,Interview,Video

Finally MarsFilms released Clémence featurette for the movie Demain Tout Commence:

0_018~3.jpg 0_040~3.jpg 0_045~0.jpg 0_053~2.jpg 0_090~3.jpg

Movie Projects > (2016) Demain Tout Commence > Featurette #3

Ana / December 7th, 2016   Demain Tout Commence,Gallery

New behind the scenes photos were released from ‘Demain Tout Commence

004~63.jpg 005~58.jpg 006~48.jpg

Movie Projects > (2016) Demain Tout Commence > Behind The Scenes

Ana / December 6th, 2016   Demain Tout Commence,Gallery,Interview,Video


Appearances > 2016 > December 05, 2016 – RTL interview with Omar Sy

Ana / December 5th, 2016   Demain Tout Commence,Gallery


Movie Projects > (2016) Demain Tout Commence > Production Stills

Ana / November 30th, 2016   Demain Tout Commence,Gallery,Video

000_28129.jpg 000_28929.jpg 002.jpg 013.jpg 015.jpg 016.JPG

Appearances > 2016 > November 28, 2016 – ‘Demain Tout Commence’ Paris Premiere at Le Grand Rex

Ana / November 25th, 2016   Demain Tout Commence,Gallery,Video

Clémence is featured on two french featurettes for ‘Demain Tout Commence‘! Also, by now, she must have had the baby, so we will be running very slow on news!


Movie Projects > (2016) Demain Tout Commence > Featurette #1

Movie Projects > (2016) Demain Tout Commence > Featurette #2


Ana / October 19th, 2016   Demain Tout Commence,Gallery,Video

0_040.jpg 0_056.jpg 0_263.jpg 0_275.jpg 0_324.jpg

Movie Projects > (2016) Demain Tout Commence > Trailer #1

Ana / October 13th, 2016   Demain Tout Commence,Gallery

Added 4 new production stills from the movie ‘Demain Tout Commence‘! Enjoy:

002.jpg 003.jpg 004.jpg 005.jpg 002~117.jpg

Movie Projects > (2016) Demain Tout Commence > Production Stills

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